The Viatorian Community added their newest members on Tuesday, when five lay associates from the

(L-R) Lisa Fairweather, Anthony Gugino, Megan Landis, and Deborah and Romeo Perez make their first commitments as associates.

Henderson/Las Vegas region in southern Nevada, made their first commitments.

Anthony Gugino, Lisa Fairweather, Megan Landis and Deborah and Romeo Perez all work with Viatorians in various ministries in schools and parishes in the Las Vegas area.

During a Mass at St. Viator Catholic Community in Las Vegas, they each committed themselves for a period of two years, before Fr. Mick Egan, CSV, provincial.

“In conformity with the mission of the congregation, I commit myself to deepen my faith,” they stated, “and to witness and celebrate that faith by living an evangelical life.”

Fr. Mick Egan preaches to the assembly.

Anthony and Lisa both are involved in music ministry, at St. Viator and St. Thomas More Catholic Community, respectively, while Deborah and Romeo are active volunteers at St. Viator Parish and its school. Megan grew up in St. Viator’s Parish, where her parents, Dan and Mary Jane, both were Viatorian Associates. Megan attended Bishop Gorman High School, which was started by Viatorians, and she now is a wife, mother and naturopathic physician.

Associates Sonja Brouwers, John Keating and Don Wells re-commit themselves to the Viatorian Community for the next three years

“Our Viatorian Community is a place where faith and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are lived, deepened and celebrated,” Megan says, “and I am blessed to be part of this eternal group.”

At the same ceremony, three more Viatorian associates re-committed themselves for a period of three years. They included: Sonja Brouwers, John Keating and Donald Wells.

Many of the region’s other Viatorian associates, brothers and priests attended the liturgy. In response to these commitments, they responded together: “May our shared journey lead us to opportunities for creativity, seeing that the richness of our diverse gifts offers us new opportunities for living out our Viatorian mission.”