Br. William Sharp, CSV, spent less than one year in the Viatorian

Br. William Sharp, CSV

Community and professed his first vows on his deathbed.

But he is remembered by the Viatorian Community every year around Sept. 1, when Viatorians observe the anniversary of death of their founder, Fr. Louis Querbes, and all of the Viatorians who have gone before them.

Br. Sharp died of tuberculosis on Aug. 24, 1939, or 80 years ago this month.

Fr. Charles Bolser, CSV, and Sr. Ann Sharp, OSB in the Benedictine Monastery chapel.

His sister, Sr. Ann Sharp, OSB, his younger sister, still remembers the special relationship they shared, especially since both entered religious life.

A chance meeting between Sr. Ann and Fr. Charles Bolser, CSV, three years ago brought Br. William’s story to light. Fr. Bolser regularly celebrates Mass with the retired Benedictine sisters and the St. Scholastica Monastery in Chicago.

Sr. Ann Sharp, OSB, celebrates 80 years of religious life this year.

Br. William Sharp with his sister at her graduation in 1938 from St. Scholastica High School.









The memory of Br. William and his devotion to the Viatorians, continues to bring great joy to Sr. Ann, who now is 99.

“Remembering her brother meant so much to her,” says Sr. Mary Melady, O.S.B., Subprioress. “When I showed an enlarged photo (of Br. William at her high school graduation) to Sr. Ann, she said ‘That’s Bill.’  It was obviously a very happy memory for her.”