Viatorian associates come from all walks of life. Consider three of the newest associates to make their first commitments: A kindergarten teacher, an auditor with the USDA and a retired administrative secretary.

Fr. Dan Lydon, back, presents the three association candidates — Paula Wasser, Julie and Robert Lampley — to Fr. Dan Hall.

Robert and Julie Lampley, and Paula Wasser, all parishioners of St. George Church in Bourbonnais, committed themselves as associates to the Viatorian Community for a period of two years.

Their commitments came on the first day of the Provincial Assembly, and before Fr. Dan Hall, CSV, Provincial, and more than 70 members of the Viatorian Community.

During the same ceremony, three Viatorian associates made their definitive commitments. Juliann Dwyer, Kim Martinez and Joan Sweeney all have been members of the Viatorian Community for 10 years.

(L-R) Fr. Dan Lydon, Kim Martinez, Joan Sweeney and Juliann Dwyer

“I envision myself living out the rest of my life as a Viatorian,” said Juliann, who directs the religious education program at St. Thomas More Catholic Community in Henderson, NV. “Being an associate has become an important part of my identity.”

Kim Martinez, who serves in Campus Ministry at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, said that being a Viatorian has deepened her faith life.

As director of association, Fr. Dan Lydon signs the definitive commitment of Associate Joan Sweeney.

“It’s important for me to be a part of a community that has a shared vision and commitment,” Kim said.

As archivist for the Viatorian Community, Joan said she continues to learn about the “impactful lives of the men who lived and created the Viatorian history.”

“Being an associate strengthens my faith in God, in humanity and in myself,” Joan said. “It gives me hope.”