One of the first volunteers to step up after Viator House of Hospitality opened in 2017, was Annie Slusher, a 2011 graduate of Saint Viator High School. At the time, she had finished college at St. Louis University and was applying to law schools to achieve her dream of becoming an immigration lawyer.

Annie Slusher

Fast forward four years and her dream nears reality. Annie graduated from DePaul University School of Law and this month learned that she had passed the bar exam — and accepted a job with an immigration law firm.

“We are so proud of her,” Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, executive director of Viator House said on Facebook. “What a great gift to asylum seekers she will continue to be.”

Annie’s commitment to immigrants and the marginalized goes back to high school, when she participated with Fr. Corey in a project with the Coalition to Save Darfur. Its mission was to raise awareness of the genocide going on in the country.

“I’m just drawn to immigration causes,” Slusher said, “and the plight of immigrants and refugees. Working  to Save Darfur, inspired me.”

In the first few months after Viator House opened, Annie filled early morning shifts. That same summer, she was among its first college interns, who spent from 6-15 hours a week with participants. They covered important shifts and tutored formally and informally. They also brought a lot of warmth, smiles and enthusiasm for the rights of migrants, Fr. Corey said.

In law school, Annie volunteered in DePaul’s immigration clinic, participated in its Society for Immigration and Asylum, and volunteered at the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center.

Annie’s latest achievement comes after years of dedication and studying, but she continues to credit her Viatorian education.

“It was an absolute pleasure to intern (at VHH) and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to be mentored by Fr. Corey since high school,” Annie said. “Thank you Fr. Corey and Viator House for all that you do!”