There are lots of inspiring stories coming out of Viator House of Hospitality, starting with the 82 young men from 19 countries that have called it home over these last four years.

Roberto with Chef Dave Esau

One of them is Roberto from El Salvador. He was a participant and now serves as one of the house managers for the current 25 men from 12 nations who live there. At this month’s Taste of Viator House fundraiser, Roberto partners with local chef, Dave Esau of Dave’s Specialty Foods, to create his personal favorite from his home country, empanadas. Watch the two create this tasty specialty through a 40-minute virtual cooking show which will come out in two weeks.” The recipe is great and the chemistry between Dave and Roberto even better,” says Fr. Corey. “You can cook along or just watch and enjoy. Invite your friends and make it a party. You won’t be disappointed.”

As part of the fundraiser, Viator House is also raffling off a gourmet meal for eight friends or family that Chef Dave will cook in your home. Here’s a sample of how your donations make a difference:
$5000–A year’s rent for one participant
$2000–One month’s groceries for 25 participants
$1000–Clothing for 10 new participants
$500–CTA/PACE passes for 10 participants attending school
$250–Five emergency cell phones
$100–Basic clothing for one new participant

Meet another success story in this video, Mohammed from East Africa, and learn how you can support our Taste of Viator House Fall Campaign.