Viator House of Hospitality, a ministry of accompaniment sponsored by the Viatorian Community,

Br. Michael Gosch, CSV, a social worker, and Sr. Rayo Cuaya Castillo, S. H. case manager, work with a young resident of Viator House of Hospitality

celebrates its second year anniversary this month, and with the recent addition of a young man — who arrived on Christmas Day no less — its mission seems as timely as ever.

For Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, says finding room for this young man brought home the nativity story of Joseph and Mary searching for a room, and the true meaning of “finding room for the stranger.”

In his latest email to volunteers, Fr. Corey told them about the young man from Sri Lanka who was released from immigration detention on his 18th birthday, Christmas Day.

“Think about it,” Fr. Corey wrote. “Born on Christmas Day, 18 years ago, this young man found our inn on the day Christians around the world celebrate God’s love for the world and God’s incarnation in our world as the ‘stranger with no home.’

“We see God’s presence clearly, in the men who live at Viator House,” Fr. Corey said. “But we do so because of people like you, who make the house come alive as tutors, drivers, mentors, board members and donors.”

Fr. Corey Brost, co-founded Viator House of Hospitality in 2017 with Br. Michael Gosch.

Fr. Corey and Br. Michael Gosch, CSV, opened Viator House of Hospitality in 2017, to compassionately accompany young immigrant men while they seek asylum. With their newest resident, the house now shelters 21 men from 11 nations.

“So, the next time you see a church nativity scene,” Fr. Corey said to volunteers, “know you are part of a living one.”