untitled The ritual of breaking bread drew faith leaders from different backgrounds to find common ground in their support of immigration reform and justice for immigrants.

Members of the New Sanctuary Coalition and Immigrant Welcoming Congregations partnered to hold the event. The afternoon included “sanctity, song and strategy” for reform before moving into the symbolic breaking of the bread.

Nearly 150 people gathered March 3 at St. Nicholas Parish in Chicago, including leaders from 15 faith communities, political dignitaries and as many as five television news outlets.

Among the speakers, was Br. Michael Gosch, CSV, who gave a short reflection on the need for comprehensive immigration reform, based on Catholic tradition and its faith-based, moral teachings. He followed Rep. Jan Schakowsky, who represents Chicago’s north suburbs and is the daughter of immigrant parents. She talked about the need for reform and creating a quick path to citizenship.

“There were good discussions during the workshops,” said Marcela Hernández, outreach organizer with the New Sanctuary Coalition, “and the breaking bread ceremony turned out to be beautiful.”