On Memorial Day, U.S. Marine Veteran Juan Ochoa sent a letter to members of Congress, with this simple message: Give Dreamers a chance.

Marine Veteran Joan Ochoa

Brought to this country as an undocumented child from Mexico, Mr. Ochoa served in the U.S. Marines 1989-1993 and served in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm. Mr. Ochoa is the president and CEO of Miramar, which employs 115 across the U.S., including US citizens and DACA recipients.

Juan Ochoa, president and CEO OF Miramar

“Like all of our service members, DACA recipients in the military have given their lives over in service of protecting and defending the only country they have ever known – even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice,” Mr. Ochoa wrote. “But without a permanent legislative solution to DACA, they will be at risk of deportation when their work permits expire, regardless of their military service.”

Read the entire text of his letter, here.