Federally-sanctioned killings were in full force over the last four days, conducted in the name of “justice,” without any regard for the health and safety of those onsite to witness them. Simply put, the Viatorian Community, in conjunction with the Catholic Mobilizing Network, believe these executions were avoidable and unnecessary.

The executions of Daniel Lewis, Wesley Purkey, and Dustin Honken will not bring back loved ones, and not one of us is any safer today as a result of their deaths. The only outcomes were more death, trauma, and suffering for everyone involved. In fact, the executions run counter to the increasing desire in our nation to find a better, more restorative way.

We know all life is sacred, and every single person has dignity, even in instances of serious crimes. More than two-thirds of U.S. states have moved away from the practice of capital punishment. Public opposition to the death penalty is growing. All of this still stands true even after the horrific acts of the past few days.

The Viatorian Community remains committed to abolishing the death penalty, and credits the Catholic Mobilizing Network with organizing sign-on letters to elected officials and prayer vigils.

In the face of these wretched executions, Viatorians pledge to witness to Jesus’ restorative response to violence and harm, and stand as a living symbol of God’s abundant mercy.