A unique tradition is building at Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep. At every Friday morning assembly, the director of the school’s work study program, Brian Weinberg, gives a shout-out to students who demonstrate what it means to be a “purposeful professional” at their jobs.

“Our work study program is essential to who we are as a school,” says Preston Kendall, President of CRSM.

Cristo Rey St. Martin opened in 2004 and the Viatorians have been an endorsing community since the beginning. What sets the school apart is its work study program, which places students in work sites where they work one day a week to help offset their tuition, while carrying a full course load. The work experience has many benefits.

“One of our main goals is to become purposeful professionals,” Weinberg says, “in the areas of communication, ownership and work productivity.” Meet some of this week’s standouts here: