The Viatorians subscribe to the Washington-based Coalition on Human Needs. This alliance of national organizations works together to promote public policies which address the needs of low-income and other vulnerable populations. Its members include civil rights, religious, labor, and professional organizations, service providers and those concerned with the well being of children, women, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Among its many publications is a Voice for Human Needs blog. In the latest edition, the blog reports on a new study that suggests raising the minimum wage can lower suicide rates.

“We know there are benefits to raising the minimum wage. These include reducing income inequality, making it easier for workers to afford life’s necessities, including rent and food, and stimulating the economy because it follows that when people earn more, they have more to spend. Now we can add one benefit to the list: minimum wage increases might contribute to a lower suicide rate. A new study released this week demonstrates a correlation between an increase in the minimum wage and declining suicide rates among adults who are between 18 and 64 years old.”

It also provides an update on litigation surrounding the Affordable Care Act, and what to expect next.

“Twenty Democratic-led states plus the District of Colombia have asked the Supreme Court for expedited review of a lower court decision that puts the future of the Affordable Care Act at risk. What exactly is at stake? A whole lot if opponents of the ACA prevail in their effort to overturn the law: expansion of Medicaid in three dozen states, insurance subsidies for millions of people with coverage through ACA marketplaces, the ability of young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance policies until they turn 26, and consumer protections for people with preexisting medical conditions.”