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Cristo Rey St. Viator Las Vegas College PrepButton

The Viatorian Community opened Cristo Rey St. Viator College Prep in Las Vegas, in 2019. Viatorians are the sole religious sponsor of the high school, with Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV, serving as the founding president. After seating all four classes in its first four years, the school held its first graduation in 2023. Mrs. Lisa Burkhead now serves as president. She is the most recent lieutenant governor of Nevada, who brings a strong background as a teacher and administrator.

The school reflects the Cristo Rey model, with its blending of a rigorous academic preparation with significant professional work experience through the Corporate Work Study Program, Catholic values and supporting students to — and through — college.


Viator House of Hospitality

Viator House of Hospitality was established in January, 2017 to provide compassionate accompaniment of young male undocumented immigrants released from federal detention. Its supportive living environment allows these young men to attend school, grow spiritually and emotionally, receive medical attention and work while they await court proceedings to see if they can become U. S. citizens. Without this type of accompaniment, these young men would be transferred to an adult detention facility where they would wait for months for their court hearings. Br. Michael Gosch, CSV, and Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, co-direct the house. In July, 2019, Viator House of Hospitality became an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Make donations here.

Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep


Cristo Rey St Martin College Prep, a Catholic, co-educational college preparatory school for students from low income families, is located in Waukegan, Illinois. CRSM is committed to academic excellence made affordable through each student’s participation in its corporate internship program: Hire4Ed. CRSM strives to develop the full potential of each student in an atmosphere of mutual respect for the religious and cultural heritage of every individual.

Because the Hire4Ed program covers 70 per cent of each student’s tuition, the remaining cost is passed on to the student.  Many families depend on scholarship assistance to cover the balance.

The Clerics of St. Viator have been co-endorsers of the school since its founding in 2004.  Viatorians have served at the school since its inception in a variety of roles: teachers, social worker, enrollment staff, administrators and board members.

Your donation will be used to assist students through the Fr. Charles Bolser, CSVScholarship Fund.

For more information about the school, please visit cristoreystmartin.org

Colombia (click to expand)


Colegio San Viator, Bogotá

Colegio San Viator is a primary and secondary school that was established in Bogotá, Colombia in 1963 by the Clerics of Saint Viator.  Since its foundation, the school has been noted for its academics, athletics, social activities, and its scholarship program.  It is widely recognized for its role in society and for its clear and definite emphasis on Christian values.

In order to provide the opportunity for students to attend the school regardless of their economic background, scholarships are offered that cover either the full or partial cost of tuition, transportation, and/or meals.  In order to qualify for the scholarships, students must demonstrate a commitment to their education both academically and behaviorally.  They and their parents must also be involved in the activities of the school.  Finally, these scholarships are awarded based on economic need.

A major benefit of the scholarship program is the intermingling of students from different social classes.  Many alumni state that one of the best things Colegio San Viator offered them was the opportunity to meet and study together without any distinction of social class.

Colegio San Viator, TunjaButton

The Viatorian Community opened its second school, Colegio San Viator, in January, 2017 in Tunja, Colombia. Set amid the Eastern ranges of the Colombian Andes, the school features all the qualities of a Viatorian education, namely one that is faith-based, co-educational, bilingual and pastoral, with professed Viatorians on staff. Consequently, its enrollment is growing. Fr. Pedro Herrara, CSV, serves as president. Ironically, he attended Colegio San Viator in Bogotá and was the first religious vocation to come out of the school. Now, he is paying his Viatorian education forward. Fr. Fredy Contreras, CSV, serves as vice president of the school, while Br. Juan Carlos Ubaque, CSV, works in Campus Ministry.

Parish of San Viator, Bogotá

In order to better serve the people in Bogotá, Viatorians started a new parish, San Viator. Though parishioners are still raising money to build a church, Viatorians continue to lead a vibrant community and work in sacrament preparation with children and adults. Fr. Edgar Suarez, CSV, leads the parish as pastor.