Fr. John Milton, CSV, turned 90 today, but that didn’t stop him from faithfully reporting to Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep in suburban Waukegan, where he has worked with its science department since he  retired from DePaul University, in 2011.

Fr. John Milton with Ms. Kumkum Bonnerjee, physics teacher

Even on his birthday, Fr. Milton put the school and its students first, bringing new science equipment for its physics lab that he obtained through his network of physics colleagues.

Since 2011, Fr. Milton has served as a consultant with the science faculty, including Ms. Kumkum Bonnerjee, physics teacher. With his help, they developed the curriculum — and labs — to offer AP physics for the first time.

Fr. John Milton enjoys helping students with a physics project

When the school moved to its new, larger campus in 2018, all the science classrooms were located in one wing, with space for AP chemistry and biology. Fr. Milton encouraged science teachers to stake out their new space and plan to have as much storage as possible for all of their science equipment.

On Monday, Cristo Rey St. Martin students signed a card for him, and faculty and staff surprised him with a cake.

Fr. Milton thanks faculty and staff for the birthday cake.

“It was an honor to have Fr. Milton spend part of his 90th birthday with us,” said Mr. Jim Dippold, campus minister. “He is such a wonder — all 90 years of him!”

For his part, Fr. Milton wouldn’t have it any other way.  Being involved with the school, he says, and helping prepare its students for college and beyond, gives him renewed energy.

“Being around young people,” he says, “keeps me young.”