One of the top priorities of the Viatorian Community is fighting human trafficking. Consequently, the community supports the London-based organization, Stop the Traffik, which works to put an end to human trafficking and modern slavery of all kinds around the world.

One of its latest campaigns is to support garment workers and advocate changes toward making a more ethical world.

“In the last ten years or so, as we have seen a dramatic shift in consumer habits and shopping has moved from the high street to the internet – demand for clothing has skyrocketed,” Stop the Traffik officials write in their latest blog post. “While this has made affordable, fashionable clothing more accessible, it has opened up a highly competitive market, driven by a large, invisible workforce. And, as the industry has evolved to deliver goods quickly and flexibly, the potential for this workforce to be exploited has increased.”

Find out more about the scale of this issue and what this organization is doing to prevent it, here.