For the first time, Fr. Alejandro Adame, CSV, and Br. Jhobany Orduz, CSV, took their seats around the table at the Provincial Chapter meeting last week, and they had plenty to share.

Br. Jhobany Orduz, right, seated next to (L-R) Br. Michael Gosch, Br. Michael Rice, Br. Peter Lamick and Fr. Dan Lydon.

The Provincial Chapter convenes twice a year. That’s when approximately 20 Viatorians, representing all the regions of the Province of Chicago, gather with the Provincial and the members of the Provincial Council, to review major events in the regions and discuss larger issues in the community.

But it was a first for these two Colombians, who hold important roles in the Viatorian Community in Colombia.

Fr. Adame serves as rector of the award-winning Colegio San Viator, in Bogotá, started by Viatorians nearly 60 years ago, and Br. Orduz serves on its administrative team.

Together, they shared a PowerPoint presentation at the meeting, featuring all of the highlights going on in the Viatorian foundation of Colombia. From strong enrollment in their schools and pastoral work in parishes, to the growing number of vocations, they had lots of good news to report.

Fr. Alejandro Adame, center, seated next to Fr. John Peeters, left, and Fr. Moses Mesh.

These two Viatorians spent the week with their confreres in Arlington Heights. They spent much or their time in Chicago, shopping for supplies for their schools, but the extended stay gave them time to renew relationships with their Viatorian confreres in this country, and see some of the places where Viatorians minister.

It all added up to a week where bonds were strengthened and the visibility of the work — and of the Viatorians — in Colombia were heightened, which was a win-win.