The mission of the Social Justice Resource Center is to link faith to action by providing information and resources on the social issues of our time. This free website hosted by the Archdiocese of Chicago offers resources, publications and action items on 25 different issues, including the Criminal Justice System.

In its February newsletter, the SJRC partners with the Catholic Criminal Justice Reform Network to address the inequalities in the criminal justice system, starting with the cash bail system. Driving them are looking at these issues through the lens of Catholic social justice principles, for the purpose of collaboration, dialogue, and seeking solutions that transcend the partisan divide.

The newsletter opens with documentation from Fair Trials, a global criminal justice watchdog, campaigning for fairness, equality and justice: “Around the world, more than 3 million people are being held in prison while they wait for a trial. Many have been detained for months, or even years, even though they have not been convicted of a crime.”

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