Collectively, they spoke English, Spanish and French and represented Canada, Spain and the United States, as well as Chile, Latin America and the Caribbean. International Vocation Commitee Foto

Yet, this much they knew: In any language, vocations needs to change with the times, and appeal to today’s young people.

Br. Carlos Ernesto Flórez, CSV, a councilor to the Superior General of the Viatorians, Fr. Alain Ambeault, CSV, led an international vocations meeting at the Province Center in Arlington Heights.

They were acting on a priority adopted by Viatorians at their General Chapter meeting last summer, of making a renewed commitment to vocations.

AMBEAULT Alain 2012-10-12b“The world has changed, with different cultures and today’s young people no longer fitting into our universe, our way of living, our language, our way of understanding and celebrating the spiritual beings that all of us are,” Fr. Ambeault says. “But as Viatorians, we are convinced that God is calling us to go forth in order to make space in our lives for always rediscovering the charism, the gift of God, that is active in our world.

“Our charism convinces us to open up welcoming and creative spaces where, at the heart of our world’s challenges, faith can take root,” Fr. Ambeault adds, ” a faith that is expressed and lived out with others, in community.”