Back in 2013, Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, started a unique summer camp at Saint Viator High School, that would instill the Viatorian charism to “embrace those accounted of little importance.”

Associate Kurt Paprocki served as a team leader.

Called Service & Song Camp, it wrapped up today after one week of combining middle school students with high school leaders in providing direct service to local social service agencies and at individual homes.

“Our intention was to let students directly serve those most in need in the local community,” Fr. Brost says, “and learn why service is at the heart of a lived‐out Catholic faith.”

Young people divided up into teams and each day they spread out to sites across Chicago’s Northwest suburbs. Their work ranged from helping with landscaping at the homes of local seniors, and making blankets for veterans; to collecting food and going to facilities that feed the hungry, including Catholic Charities, Feed My Starving Children and the Wheeling Township food pantry.

(L-R) Associates Brigette Brankin, Barb D’Urso, Ann Perez Cathy Abrahamian, Br. Rob Robertson, Br. Peter Lamick and Br. Jhobany Orduz

This year’s camp drew eight Viatorians to serve as team leaders, including: Br. Peter Lamick, Br. Jhobany Orduz and Br. Rob Robertson, as well as Associates Cathy Abrahamian, Brigette Brankin, Barbara D’Urso, Kurt Paprocki and Ann Perez. In doing so, they helped young people as they actively live the Saint Viator mission of transforming the communities they encounter.

“The camp gives students the opportunity to form community and to go out to serve those who are in need,” said Ann Perez, camp director and head of Campus Ministry at Saint Viator. “They have fun playing games and also take the time to pray and reflect on who God is calling them to be as disciples of Christ in the world today.”