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San Viator Parish in Bogotá Takes Shape

March 26, 2021

As Easter approaches, parishioners at San Viator Church in Bogotá have reason to celebrate: Construction on their parish nears completion.

“For the parish community it has been blessing and a great joy to begin construction,” says Fr. Edgar Suarez, CSV, Pastor, when they broke ground in September. “It is a great sign of life and hope that motivates us to continue working for the  Kingdom of God in this sector of the city in our Archdiocese of Bogotá.”

It has been a long process, of more than eight years of waiting to obtain building permits and funding. In the meantime, they gathered outdoors under a tent to celebrate Mass and Fr. Suarez and other Viatorians carried on with pastoral ministry. But thanks to generosity of donors from across the Viatorian Commmunity, in this country and in Colombia, the Easter promise of new life awaits them. Here’s a sneak peak, including the prominent image of St. Viator.