Fr. Michael Keliher, CSV, serves as parish administrator at St. Thomas More Catholic Community, where

Fr. Michael Keliher, CSV

he writes a weekly reflection. In the latest bulletin, Fr. Mike writes about the many feelings that Thanksgiving evokes and about its spiritual aspects as well.

“Thanksgiving allows us to extend ourselves to others, to set aside day-to-day concerns and to take a wider view of life, family, country, hopes, dreams and blessings. Memories play a big part of this holiday as well. Childhood memories of family gatherings, grateful memories of relatives and friends who were once part of our lives, memories of sacred moments when God saved us through the care and concern of others.

“For all of this, we give thanks.

This Felix Urbina painting hangs in the Viatorian Province Center and symbolizes the spiritual aspect of Thanksgiving.

“There is something in all faith traditions that calls forth an awareness of a wider universe, a profound sense of blessing, and sentiments of gratitude and thanksgiving. For Catholics, the Eucharist is our thanksgiving expressed in sign and celebration. We all come to the Eucharist with personal stories and needs, with problems and successes, with hopes and sorrows. But as we gather, the gift that we share is the knowledge that we are called, loved, saved and sent by a God who share his own son to show us the way.

“That is why the predominant spirit of every Eucharist has to be one of thanksgiving.”