The Washington-based American Immigration Council just published a special report now that the end of Title 42 is here. In it, agency officials detail 13 recommendations on how to build a humanitarian protection system that won’t break.

The statement comes in response to the Biden administration implementing a series of changes to border policies in recent days, including a new regulation that will make it more difficult—and dangerous—for people to seek humanitarian protection in the United States.

“We can—and must—do better,” officials say. “In the wake of Title 42, our country needs to look beyond the border for solutions.

“We’ve seen that crackdowns on the border and deterrence-based policies don’t work. They also aren’t necessary for us to successfully create a fair, transparent, and expeditious asylum process. We should instead make significant investments in processing capacity and the immigration court system, increasing legal pathways, and work to address the root causes of migration.

“With Title 42 behind us, it’s time to find a new way forward. Together, we can create a humanitarian protection system that both reduces irregular migration and unjust outcomes—a system that meets the needs of both the U.S. and those seeking our protection.”