Celebrate the ministry of religious brothers! These vowed men have been a part of the fabric of the Viatorian Community since its founding in 1831, and they continue to bring the good news of the love and mercy of God to all, especially to those accounted of little importance.

Fr. Daniel Hall, CSV, Provincial, affirmed their integral roles in a letter to all of the Viatorian Community: “I ask all of you to take time to thank the brothers in our province for their dedication and hard work in accomplishing the mission of the community. Please remember them in your prayers.”

According to the Vatican, religious brothers make up about one-fifth, or 20 percent of all male religious in the Catholic Church today, and that is true of the Viatorian Community — in the United States — where brothers make up approximately 23 percent of its professed members. Worldwide, it’s much higher. Brothers make up more than 50 percent of the international Viatorian Community.

In 2017, the National Religious Vocation Conference established May 1 as Religious Brothers’ Day. Its date was intentionally set to coincide with the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. Here are some of our religious brothers: