Honoring jubilarians. It’s a highlight of the Provincial Assembly every year, and increasingly that means both

(L-R) Associates Mary Finks, Marilyn Mulcahy and John Ohlendorf

professed and associates.

Ever since 2012, when the General Chapter affirmed that associates and professed Viatorian members are to be valued equally, members of the Viatorian Community have recognized associates on the occasion of their 15th jubilee of their first commitment.

The first associate jubilarians were recognized in 2014. That’s when Mary Finks, Marilyn Mulcahy and John Ohlendorf — who were among the community’s first associates — were honored on St. Viator Day in the Province Center chapel.

Associates Tim and Donna Schwarz

Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV, provincial at the time, established the tradition. He called each associate up and presented them with a crystal cross, embossed with the Viatorian logo and date of their first commitment.

Associate Patricia Wischnowski

Associate Lynda Connor

One year later, Associates Tim and Donna Schwarz celebrated their 15-year jubilee at the assembly dinner.

Fr. Richard Rinn, left, is recognized by Fr. Mick Egan for reaching 50 years of religious life

Associate Randy Baker

Associate Cathy Abrahamian

This year’s jubilarians included Fr. William Mayer, CSV, for 70 years of religious life as well as Fr. Richard Rinn, CSV, for 50 years of religious life. But Associates Cathy Abrahamian, Randy Baker, Lynda Connor and Patricia Wischnowski, who were honored by Fr. Mick Egan, CSV, provincial, as playing an integral role in animating the life of the Viatorian Community.