The parking lot was filled Wednesday at the Province Center. Sure enough, members of the Provincial Chapter came together to hear about the state of the Viatorian Community across the Province. The daylong meeting takes place twice a year at the Province Center and it covers a wide range of topics.

General Chapter members hear from Fr. Alejandro Adame, rector of Colegio San Viator.

“It’s important coming together and hearing about individual parts of the Province,” said Fr. Jason Nesbit, CSV, Pastor of Maternity BVM Parish in Bourbonnais.

Members of the professed Viatorians are elected to three-year terms on this leadership group. They are chosen to represent all of the regions across the Province, so that each area of the community has a voice in the decision making process. Their meeting Wednesday was the last one of their term.

“The Chapter meeting is always helpful for the Provincial Council,” said Fr. Mark Francis, CSV, Provincial, who met with his Council members the next day.

(L-R) Br. John Eustice, Br. Michael Gosch, Fr. Thomas Long, Fr. Edgar Suarez and Br. Jhobany Orduz

During the Chapter meeting, Viatorians heard updates about their various institutions, from Cristo Rey St. Viator in Las Vegas, to Saint Viator High School in Arlington Heights, to a series of capital improvements at Colegio St. Viator in Bogotá.

During a break, members said they enjoyed hearing the wide variety of view points expressed by their confreres, as well as those who had expertise in certain areas. For example, Br. Michael Rice, CSV, served 20 years as plant manager at St. Viator Catholic Community in Las Vegas, where he helped the parish become a statewide leader in conservation and renewable energy. Likewise, Br. Jhobany Orduz, CSV, brought his skills as a civil engineer to the table.

“I enjoy being a part of it,” Fr. Nesbit added. “It shows us where we are, both in terms of our operations and in advancing our mission. It’s informative and a time to share.”