By his own estimation, Patrick Aller has attended the Viatorian Youth Congress as many as eight times, as both a delegate and a leader. In July, he returned to oversee this year’s congress as the young adult coordinator. At 26, and a recent MBA graduate he figured it would be his last time, but wait, he found another way to remain involved. He now is in formation as a pre-associate.

“I have made so many good friendships with the Viatorians,” Patrick said in July. “To be able to come back, is the chance to rekindle those relationships and strengthen my faith. It just keeps building.”

Pre-Associate Patrick Aller

Patrick is one of five pre-associates in the Las Vegas region and one of 15 beginning formation throughout the different regions. On Saturday, the Henderson/Las Vegas region welcomed these new pre-associates during a Mass and recommitment ceremony for other associates. Joining Patrick as pre-associates were Shelley Aguiar, a member of St. Thomas More Catholic Community and administrative specialist with the Henderson Police Department; Mary Ellen Dorough, a fifth grade teacher at St. Viator Parish School, Paul Mertzman, assistant principal at St. Viator, and Mary Thompson, who teaches religious education at St. Thomas More.

Associates making recommitments included Kyla Guerrero, Kathy Keating and Janet Manfredi, who recommitted for a period of three years, while Megan Landis and Deborah Perez recommitted themselves to the Viatorian Community for five more years.

(L-R) Associate Megan Landis, Pre-Associate Shelley Aguiar, Associates Janet Manfredi, Ky Guerrero, Deb Perez and Kathy Keating, and Pre-Associates Mary Thompson, Mary Ellen Dorough and Paul Mertzman

After hearing their commitments, professed and associate Viatorians prayed this together:

“We welcome those who join us on this journey, widening our common vision, as we discover new ways of witnessing together in faith.

“May our shared journey lead us to opportunities for creativity, seeing that the richness of our diverse gifts offers us new opportunities for living our out Viatorian mission.

“We affirm that what unites us — is stronger than what separates us.”