The people of Ukraine were on the minds of Viatorians today as they celebrated morning Mass.

At the Province Center in Arlington Heights, Fr. John Van Wiel, CSV, said the liturgy for his confreres and Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe sisters.

With the sun pouring in the chapel, casting colorful light beams from the stained glass windows, the violent invasion of Ukraine by Russia seemed a million miles away. And yet, Fr. Van Wiel concluded the prayers of the faithful with a heavy heart: “We pray for the war to end in Ukraine and for peace for its people. We pray that somehow, some way things will start making sense — and lead to an end to the war.”

At Saint Viator High School, Fr. Charles Bolser, CSV, said the weekly Mass, attended by some faculty members and students. He too led the group in praying for the people of Ukraine and for a peaceful resolution.

Members of Maternity BVM Parish prayed for Ukraine at daily Mass celebrated by Fr. Jason Nesbit, CSV, Pastor, and they also responded to a “Litany for Ukraine” posted on the parish’s Facebook page.

The litany ends with a special plea to Our Lady, Mother of God of Zarvanytsia, whose famous shrine in Ukraine dates back to 1240, when a monk fled the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, which had been devastated by a Mongol invasion.

“We keep in our hearts and minds the people of Ukraine,” said Br. Michael Gosch, CSV, Assistant Provincial, “and pray for a peaceful resolution.”