In keeping with National Vocation Awareness Week, three Viatorians from different generations — Br. Peter Lamick, CSV, Fr. Charlie Bolser, CSV, and Br. Rob Robertson, CSV — share personal insight about their calling to religious life, and in particular what drew them to the Viatorians.

Fr. Br. Rob, it was the feeling of community he found when he was a pre-novice living with the community of Viatorians living in a house in Springfield, IL.

“There were 13 of us when I moved in and that was still one of my best experiences of community life,” he says. “There were men of all ages. It was a very happy, fulfilling year, watching the care they had for one another, the joy in their dinner table conversations, watching television together, joking with one another. It was a nice family atmosphere and that encouraged me to take the next step.”