Vocations continue to grow in Bogotá, Colombia, where Viatorians have served for more than 50 years. DSC_0371

In the span of one day, Fr. Thomas von Behren presided over the perpetual vow ceremony of Br. Fredy Contreras, as well as the first vows of Brothers E. Jhobany Orduz and William Pardo. At the same time, Br. Edwin Ruiz continued the process leading up to ordination by becoming an acolyte, and Br. Elkin Mendoza began his novitiate year in Santiago, Chile.

family of novice Elkin Mendoza“The Viatorian Community has been blessed with a steady stream of vocations in Colombia,” said Fr. von Behren, who traveled to Bogotá with Br. Carlos Ernesto Flórez, general councilor. Fr. Edgar Suarez, superior of the foundation of Colombia, and other members of Viatorian Community in Bogotá, joined in the celebration following the Mass.

Perhaps most important of all the celebrations, Fr. von Behren said, was Br. Fredy’s perpetual vow ceremony.

“There are many significant moments in a congregation,” Fr. von Behren said, “but none more significant than to celebrate perpetual vows. They’re committing themselves to us for life — and we are committing to them for life. It signals the start of walking together in community, ministering as brothers.”