What are the chances? While vacationing in Rome and wandering around one of its most popular tourist destinations, the Trevi Fountain, Br. Peter Lamick, CSV; Br. Jhobany Orduz, CSV; and Br. Rob Robertson, CSV, ran into Viatorian Associate Brigette Brankin, and her parents, James and Patricia Menoni.

(L-R) Br. Jhobany, Br. Peter and Br. Rob on a tour of Venice

“It was utterly amazing,” said Br. Rob Robertson, CSV, who with his confreres have been touring parts of Italy before they leave Tuesday for Ariccia for the start of the General Chapter. “It is a small world!”

Brigette and her parents were on a long awaited trip to visit the village — and home — where her paternal grandfather grew up. Running into her fellow Viatorians was an added bonus.

“It was so nice to run into them,” Brigette said.

All four of them have served on the faculty of Saint Viator High School. Br. Rob has been a counselor for more than 20 years, while Br. Peter taught history before his current assignment as Director of Vocation Ministry and Br. Jhobany served in Campus Ministry.

Brigette teaches some of the highest levels of math at the high school, including pre-calculus, multi-variable calculus and AP statistics as well as in the math lab.

Most recently, Brigette served as an adult leader with Saint Viator’s Service & Song Camp, whose mission is to give students experience in providing direct service to local social service agencies and at individual homes. She also accompanies students on Kairos and at underclassmen retreats.

Associate Brigette Brankin, right, with Associate Kurt Paprocki and Maggie Miskowicz while volunteering at Feed My Starving Children with campers.

Brigette and several other members of the faculty made their first commitments as associates in 2020, including: Associate Brian Hansen from the theology department, Associate Kurt Paprocki from the modern world languages department, Associate Ann Perez from the theology department, and former Saint Viator President, Associate Brian Liedlich.

Their commitment ceremony came after a two-year discernment process during which they reflected on their calling and commitment to the Viatorian mission, of “proclaiming Jesus Christ and the gospel and raising up communities where faith is lived deepened and celebrated.”

Those bonds of being part of the worldwide Viatorian Community run deep — and extend to include even a random meeting in Rome.