Matthew with his friends.

Administrators at St. Viator Parish School in Las Vegas feel strongly that it is their mission to welcome students with disabilities into their community and provide them with the same quality, Catholic education afforded to their non-disabled peers.

That vision continues to make St. Viator the only Catholic school in the state of Nevada to be fully inclusive. The program serves children with Downs syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Luke Sylvestri, left, was the first student in the MICAH program.

This year, the program expanded to include a full time aid to accompany one of the students, thanks to a scholarship grant from the Viatorian Community.

“While disabilities have challenged individual academic performance, we only see possibilities and tremendous growth,” says Mrs. Tracy Brunelle, Principal. “And it’s not just the MICAH students who benefit. These MICAH students have a positive impact on our classrooms. Their peers are more kind, supportive, accepting and respectful. Hearts are changed forever.”