Matthew holds a special place with the Viatorian Community.

Matthew in the computer lab

In 2019, Fr. Daniel Hall, CSV, Provincial and his Provincial Council members provided a scholarship for Matthew to attend St. Viator Parish School in Las Vegas — following his older brother and his mother —  with the help of a full time aide.

Turns out Matthew not only charmed Viatorians but his classmates as well. In his speech as a candidate for student government treasurer, Matthew described some fun facts about him — from his ability to memorize sports statistics, to telling jokes, before landing the punch line: “I’m good, responsible and good at math,” Matthew said. “Count on someone who can count.”

Matthew makes his pitch to be elected as treasurer.

They did. Today, he was elected as treasurer of the school’s student government organization.

“We are exceptionally proud of Matthew,” says Mrs. Tracy Brunelle, Principal. “We knew we had a few challenges to overcome, but we knew we had to try and find a way for him to come here.  It warms my heart to see him excel in our Catholic school environment.”

Matthew, center, with his classmates in 2019

The school’s inclusive, Catholic environment is intentional — and groundbreaking. St. Viator continues to be the only Catholic school in the state of Nevada to be fully inclusive. Its Micah Program serves children with Downs syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

School leaders created the program, which takes its lead from the Book of Micah, in the Old Testament: “Act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God and each other.” That verse, taken from the 6th chapter, has become the school’s motto.”

“While disabilities have challenged individual academic performance, we only see possibilities and tremendous growth,” says Mrs. Tracy Brunelle, Principal. “And it’s not just the Micah students who benefit. These Micah students have a positive impact on our classrooms. Their peers are more kind, supportive, accepting and respectful. Hearts are changed forever.”