Viatorians who live in the retirement wing of the Province Center found a delightful surprise once they

Sr. Alejandra Perez and Noé Quiroga work to hang one of the Christmas wreaths

concluded evening prayer and entered the dining room: elves had worked all day to fill the room with Christmas decorations of all shapes and sizes.

A giant, 12-foot tree, outfitted with more than 200 ornaments, flowing red ribbon and hundreds of tiny lights stands in the front of the room, but that was just the start.

Noé Quiroga hung all 200 ornaments on the tree

A whimsical wreath hangs over their buffet line, while a platter of oversized gumdrops, ribbons and ornaments brightens up the sideboard cupboard.

A bust of Fr. Louis Querbes blends in with the decorations

On each table is a holiday centerpiece, while wafts of cinnamon fills the air. Even a tray of Christmas cookies awaited them after dinner.

Sr. Cristina Cabrera enjoys the festive decorations

Working to create this holiday setting was Noé Quiroga, one of the staff members at the Province Center, along with Sr. Alejandra Perez, M.S.C.Gpe. and other sisters with the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

While other decorations fill their living areas — and an Advent wreath anchors the center of the chapel — the dining room sparkles with lights and holiday cheer. The better to make this holy Christmas season merry and bright for all who enter.