If St. Thomas More Catholic Community is one of the largest parishes in Southern Nevada — with more than

Fr. Dan Nolan, CSV, pastor, celebrates with teens during the opening Life Teen Mass

6,700 families — it should come as no surprise that its Life Teen program is a vibrant youth ministry, drawing teens from across the region to church every Sunday for Mass and “Life Night” experiences.

On Sunday, a whopping 260 teens — from 21 high schools across Southern Nevada — attended the opening Life Teen Mass and Life Night. The full house turnout reflects the vitality of parish overall, which has been run by Viatorians since it was founded in 1984.

Life Teen is a comprehensive youth ministry program — started in 1985 in an Arizona parish — focused on the Eucharist. Each week, high school teens attend a vibrant liturgy before gathering afterwards for “Life Night,” where they learn more about their faith through Bible studies and discussions, and gradually take on leadership positions.

“We constantly strive to lead teens closer to Christ,” says Steven Dwyer, who directs the Life Teen program with his wife, Amanda. “Life Teen is a movement of the Holy Spirit which seeks to serve the greater Church.”

The vibrant program reflects one of the core missions of the Viatorians, who are committed to fostering the faith development of young people and empowering them to become active members of their communities.