This Lenten season, I find myself reflecting upon the Cardinal Virtues, and specifically the virtue of Prudence.  cardinal virtues

We don’t speak of prudence often in our lives, however prudence is the key to the difficult art of behaving well in relationships with others.  We are not born with prudence, however it is something that we need to develop, which is difficult. It takes time, energy and prayer.

How can we learn prudence?  First of all, we need to think before we act and to think about the consequences of our actions, both good and bad.  A good action will bring personal satisfaction, while imprudent acts will bring heartache and difficulties. Lenten image

We need to train ourselves in the habit of asking for advice, as it will help us to have another point of view of what we want to do or say.  And finally, we need to take time to reflect upon our actions and not act precipitously.

_MG_2045Dear Lord, help us to take time each day to sit quietly during this Lenten time, to find you in our lives, to reflect carefully before we act or say things of importance, that we might act prudently in all things.

Offered by Br. Carlos Ernesto Flórez, CSV, a former teacher, administrator and translator now serving as part of the General Direction in Rome.