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Lenten Reflections from the Viatorians

April 3, 2014

Throughout my childhood, the season of Lent was about giving up. As an adult, Lent, for me, has been about doing simply, live deeply

I have a magnet that says Live simply … love deeply … and travel lightly through life.* I have done fairly well with that first suggestion.  I have done very well with the second. It is the third suggestion that I have struggled with most of my adult life.

So, for this Lent, I have decided to focus deeply on these words: Travel Light as a practical principle as well as a spiritual principle.

I will examine my life in PRACTICAL terms and try to make some changes: Is my life cluttered with too much stuff, too much busyness, too many loads? What am I holding on to that, if given away, could make someone else’s life easier? What can I let go to travel more lightly through life.praying hands

I will examine my life in SPIRITUAL terms and try to make some changes: I read somewhere that traveling lightly means to live with open hands – hands that are not full with holding on to the past – but are empty, waiting to grasp what God has for me today, now!  Am I holding on to feelings, hurts, or grudges that I have kept tightly clutched in a closed fist? What must I do to both open and empty my hands to be free to grasp whatever God has in store for me?

Thomas a Kempis wrote, “They travel lightly whom God’s grace carries.” My prayer this Lent will be for a daily dose of God’s amazing grace!2012 assembly portrait

Offered by Viatorian Associate Marilyn Mulcahy, a wife, mother and pastoral associate at St. Patrick’s Church in Kankakee, IL