Viatorian associates come from all walks of life and they bring their rich, diverse life experiences to the community. Take Associate Curtis Saindon, for example. He is a former teacher now working as the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services for a school district in Woodridge, IL.

But his roots with the Viatorians run deep. He grew up attending St. Mary’s Church in Beaverville, IL, which was staffed by Viatorians, before he and his wife, Associate Kathleen Saindon, attended St. Patrick Church in Kankakee and now St. George Parish in Bourbonnais.

“I’ve been involved in Viatorian parishes my whole life,” Curt says in this new podcast episode of Viatorian Voice: Conversations on the Way, “but I never really understood the charism, mission and greater purpose of the Viatorian Community.”

In this 15-minute podcast episode, he talks about what it means to be an associate in a rural, tightknit parish. Take a listen: