Viatorian associates come from all walks of life. Take Associates Paul Hartz and Romeo Perez. Paul has worked for the City of Las Vegas for 20 years and currently is a deputy marshal sergeant, while Romeo has practiced law in Las Vegas since 2004. His firm specializes in family law, as well as criminal and personal injury litigation. However, these two officers of the court find common ground in their faith and in the Viatorian Community.

Associate Romeo Perez

Associate Paul Hartz

“What was so unique about St. Viator Parish was the welcoming of a young, 21-year old,” says Paul, whose wife, Associate Rosy Hartz, is the Youth Faith Formation Coordinator for the parish. “I found much more than I bargained for with the Viatorians and the welcoming of the parish.”

Romeo and his wife, Deborah — Director of the Corporate Work Study Program at Cristo Rey St. Viator —  became associates five years ago.

“We really enjoyed that sense of community at St. Viator,” Romeo says. “It really brought me to want to be an associate and participate at a higher level.”

Listen to their comments on how their roles as associates impacts their family life, in this 15-minute podcast, the latest installment of Viatorian Voices: Conversations on the Way.