The Washington-based Latin America Working Group advocates for just U.S. policies towards Latin America and the Caribbean, including human rights, peace, and social, economic, and environmental justice. In their quest to keep supporters informed about issues related to U.S. immigration and enforcement policy, and especially about migration from Central America and Mexico, they shared a recent article written by Jeff Abbott for the Daily Beast, entitled: Migrants Flee Climate Change Ravaged Central America as Record-Breaking Hurricanes Hit.

“Northern and Eastern Guatemala saw intense heavy rains from the storms causing widespread flooding and catastrophic landslides. In one disaster following Eta, a landslide in province of Alta Verapaz buried the Indigenous Maya Poqomchi’ village of Quejá, leaving over 100 under mud and debris. Rescue efforts were abandoned days after they began after conditions in the area made it unsafe for rescuers. Many other towns and villages across Guatemala remain under water. Rural Indigenous communities are among the hardest hit, with many communities being totally cut off from access to aid. Helicopters have become the only means of reaching areas devastated by the storms. The United States military and neighboring El Salvador sent helicopters to assist in aid distribution.”

Read the rest of his story, including more about this record breaking hurricane season and its impact on the most vulnerable, here.