Ending human trafficking in all its forms is a major priority of the Viatorians, and as reported by the London-based Stop the Traffik, this form of slavery grows around major sporting events. Such is the case with the Paris Olympics coming later this month. Here is a report from Stop the Traffik:

Amid the excitement of major sporting events like the Olympics, a grim reality often emerges an increase in human trafficking, especially in the form of commercial sexual exploitation.

Our Intelligence Team have uncovered evidence of a surge in demand for these services during sporting events, driven by the influx of visitors. Traffickers exploit this demand by heavily advertising online, with major events acting as magnets for exploitation.

Recent data uncovered by STOP THE TRAFFIK highlights this disturbing trend in Paris, particularly as the city prepares for the upcoming Olympics, emphasising the need for vigilant efforts to combat human trafficking amidst the global sporting spectacle.

You can learn more about our findings here.