What better way to celebrate the patron saint of the Viatorian Community than to remember his legacy — and challenge a new generation of young people to take up his cause.

That was the case this morning, when Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, presided at the all-school Mass at Saint Viator High School. He was surrounded by other Viatorians who concelebrated the Mass, including Fr. Jean Didier, CSV, Fr. Mark Francis, CSV, Fr. Daniel Hall, CSV, and Fr. Daniel Lydon, CSV, President of the School.

“You are part of a worldwide mission that has been changing the world since the 1830s,” Fr. Brost told them, “and many Saint Viator alumni have made miracles with God as part of it all.”

Taking it one step further, Fr. Brost challenged students to make more miracles with God.

At the same time, Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV, President of Cristo Rey St. Viator in North Las Vegas offered a similar challenge to his students at Mass today. In his homily,  he focused on the meaning of the word, Viator, which is traveler. He used the Good Samaritan reading as a point of reference.

“We are all travelers – we are VIATOR – on a journey,” Fr. von Behren said. “How will we respond to those who often get treated as if they are of little importance — namely, those who are young in our world, the immigrant, the vulnerable, those who are different, those who are hurt and suffering?

“We have a choice,” he added, “cross the road and avoid getting involved, or stopping – kneeling down with those who are in need – and responding.”

Today’s Mass was one of many celebrations, as Viatorians around the world pause to reflect on their feast day. They remember the 4th century saint whom the Venerable Fr. Louis Querbes chose to be the patron of his new religious order of catechists. Throughout the weekend, associate and professed Viatorians will gather in each of the regions to celebrate the feast day and reflect on ways to renew and deepen the vision of the Venerable Fr. Louis Querbes.