Some of the delegates at the General Chapter in Rome took a break Monday from their plenary sessions to celebrate one of their own, Fr. Dan Hall. With his birthday on July 7, a group of Viatorians from this country and Colombia took him out to dinner for the occasion.

Fr. Dan Hall at his birthday dinner, including clockwise from left; Br. Peter Lamick, Fr. Mick Egan, Fr. Tom von Behren, Fr. Mark Francis, Fr. John Peeters, Br. Jhobany Orduz and Fr. Felipe Montes (photo by Br. Rob Robertson)

They celebrated not only his birthday but his more than four decades of active ministry, when Fr. Hall has served in nearly every aspect of the Viatorian mission. Over those years as a Viatorian, he has served in sacramental ministry at parishes, as well as a teacher, coach and administrator at both Bishop Gorman and Saint Viator high schools.

In more recent years, Fr. Hall has served in leadership roles within the Viatorian Community, including serving on the Provincial Council, starting in December 2009. He served as a Councilor, Assistant Provincial and as Provincial, from 2018 to 2022. In 2023, Fr. Hall was elected to serve on the Viatorian Community Council and on the Arlington Heights/Chicago Regional team.

This year, Fr. Hall was one of three delegates from the Viatorian Community in this country to be elected by his peers to attend the General Chapter going on this month in Rome. The three-week gathering happens every six years and it is considered to be one of the most important moments in the life of the Congregation, as its delegates reflect upon and deepen their commitment to the future of the Congregation.

Yet, that said, the work of the General Chapter includes many important social moments too, as delegates from all over the world come together to strengthen the international solidarity of the Viatorian mission — and affirm one another.

Consequently, happy birthday, Fr. Dan Hall — and thank you for all you do!