In his more than 50 years as a Viatorian, Fr. Mick Egan’s ministry has evolved from classroom teacher and administrator, to parish ministry and ultimately leadership, locally and internationally. At the same time, the Viatorian Community has evolved as well, he says.

“We’re like a lot of religious communities, who have a diversity of opportunities for their members,” Fr. Egan says, “to find their niche in how to serve the Lord and serve God’s people.”

In this latest 15-minute podcast episode, of Viatorian Voices: Conversations on the Way, Fr. Egan recounts his years at Saint Viator High School all the way through to his current role as Superior General.

“We have to discern the signs of the times, that call us as Viatorians to new experiences in ministry,” he says, “while being faithful to the commitments we’ve had for so many years that nurture us, but also to open ourselves to where the Spirit is calling us in the years ahead.”