After serving as a teacher, administrator and coach for 20 years at Saint Viator High School, Fr. Dan Hall, CSV, just couldn’t stay away. He returned this year in a part time capacity, working with students in the Lion Learning Program.

Fr. Dan Hall served as Provincial of the Viatorians from 2018-22.

“I wasn’t ready for retirement,” Fr. Hall said. “I was looking for a way to make a difference — and I love working with kids.”

Last year, Fr. Hall wrapped up his four-year term as Provincial Superior of the Viatorians in this country and in Colombia. He was elected by his peers to serve as their pastoral leader in 2018, but it meant he had to leave his position as Vice President for Viatorian Identity and Mission at Saint Viator High School.

Now, after finishing his term as Provincial in November 2022 and taking a six-month sabbatical, he looked for a way to return to roots and work with high school teens.

Officially, the Lion Learning Program helps students succeed through intensive, short-term intervention. Students who are in need of further academic support can build the organizational and study skills needed to become independent learners in a college-preparatory school.

Fr. Dan Hall, center facing huddle, leads the team in prayer

Fr. Hall monitors students’ work and helps them complete assignments so that they can get back on track in their respective classes. In all, he moderates four sections of the study hall, offering a structured system of support for students who need more academic assistance.

His new position brings Fr. Hall back into the classroom, working with kids who need extra help and all while fulfilling his commitment as a Viatorian, which is accompany young people in their academic and faith development, and promote their active membership in their respective faith communities.