Fr. Corey Brost earned his undergraduate degree in journalism at the University of Illinois before staying in Champaign to finish his law degree, all while bartending at a popular establishment to help pay his tuition.

Four years into a promising career, he entered the Viatorian Community, returning to his roots and the Viatorians who had taught him at Griffin High School in Springfield.

Yes, Fr. Corey has an interesting vocations story to tell and he reflects on those years as well his decision to become a priest and ultimately to serve in his current ministry, accompanying migrants.

This wide ranging podcast wraps up in just over 15 minutes — and revolves around the theme of “God’s Ongoing Invitation.”

This is the second in a newly developed podcast series featuring interviews with associates, brothers and priests as well as other members of the communities and institutions where Viatorians serve.

Called Viatorian Voices: Conversations on the Way, each episode is 15 minutes or less, says Dan Masterton who developed the podcast series with Br. John Eustice, CSV, coordinator of Viatorian Vocation Ministry.

Jim Mitchell, a 1977 Saint Viator High School graduate and marketing and communications specialist, serves as producer and host of the series.

“We warmly welcome input and feedback as well as suggestions or requests for guests to invite on and topics to cover,” Dan adds. “People can email, or send DMs on social media.”