One of the core principles of the Viatorian mission is fighting hunger in this country. Consequently, they support the Food Research and Action Center, or FRAC and its mission to eradicate hunger and under-nutrition in this country.

In its latest report, FRAC reports how the Trump administration wants to cut the power of SNAP for hungry households.

USDA’s proposed rule on SNAP Standardization of State Heating and Cooling Standard Utility Allowances would cut program benefits by a total of $4.5 billion over five years. This cut would result from changes in how states take households’ utility costs into account in determining the amount of SNAP benefits for which they qualify.

Additionally, the USA Today reports on the ‘sitting in class hungry’ phenomenon. The proposed SNAP rule that would tighten eligibility requirements would also mean nearly 1 million students would lose their automatic access to free school lunch, and advocates warn that even more students could lose free meals due to the proposed rule’s impact on community eligibility.

Read all the latest news in their report, here, and learn ways to comment on FRAC’s public platform.