According to the Washington-based Green America, there are an estimated 150 million children involved in child labor globally. And  there are over 2 million child laborers growing the cocoa that goes into the chocolate you see on store shelves.

Child laborers in cocoa are exposed to harmful pesticides, carry heavy loads, work long hours, and handle dangerous tools, like machetes – all of this harms the development of children – it harms their future.

During the pandemic, chocolate is reported to be the number one snack in North America, and we get it – chocolate IS delicious. But, it tastes even better when you know it is part of the solution!

Green America suggests that one way to reform the industry is to buy from small companies working to end child labor in cocoa. Consequently, the organization has come up with a chocolate scorecard to help consumers purchase ethically sourced sweets and understand what the certification labels on cocoa actually mean.

Officials with Green America are intent on not letting big chocolate companies continue to put profits over the health of children. By purchasing chocolate from these A-rated companies, consumers demonstrate that there is a demand for ethical (and green!) chocolate.