In his more than 60 years as a Viatorian, Fr. Patrick Render has served in leadership at Saint Viator High School, as Provincial of the Viatorian Community, and as pastor at three parishes — St. Joseph’s in Springfield, St. Thomas More in Henderson, NV and at St. Viator Parish in Chicago. Wherever he went, people commented that there was something different about Viatorians. In this roundtable episode of Viator Voices: Conversations on the Way, Fr. Render reflects on that question: What makes Viatorians unique?

“People tell us that we’re relatable, that we’re easy to be with — and welcoming,” he tells Br. John Eustice, CSV, who serves as moderator. “There’s a spirit of community that we create and people experience it in our schools and in our parishes. There’s a real sense of hospitality that makes people feel like they belong.

“Building up community is one of the characteristics of Viatorians,” he adds, “and that’s very visible and evident.”