The mission of the Social Justice Resource Network is to link faith to action by providing information and resources on the social issues of our time. In its August, 2023 newsletter, the network reviews the effects of climate change, including examining the millions of people who could be displaced by environmental threats.

According to the United Nations Climate Report, the last 8 years were the warmest on record, despite the cooling impact of a La Niña event for the past 3 years. Melting of glaciers and sea level rise – again reached record levels in 2022. Antarctic sea ice fell to its lowest extent on record, and the melting of some European glaciers was, literally, off the charts.

In addition, New Scientist Magazine reports that the average global air temperature recorded above the Earth’s surface was 62.92°F on July 4th– the highest that has ever been recorded. The previous record was set the day before.

These severe climate changes have led to “Climate Refugees,” says the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees.

“The term “climate refugees” describe the increasing large-scale migration and cross-border mass movements of people that were partly caused by such weather-related disasters such as food and water shortages and rising sea levels. The number of people displaced by climate change-related disasters since 2010 has risen to 21.5 million.”