In preparation for All Souls’ Day next week, displays are popping up at different locations supported by Viatorians. They all feature altars or ofrendas set up in the tradition of Día de Los Muertos.

“We are teaching our students about the diversity and traditions of other cultures,” says Br. Rob Robertson, CSV, who is a counselor at Saint Viator High School.

The Dia de Los Muestros display at Saint Viator High School.

For the first time, an ofrenda is on display in the main lobby, where students as well as faculty and staff are encouraged to bring photos of their lost loved ones, in order to celebrate their lives. Front and center among them is a photo of Associate John Paulik, a beloved religion teacher who passed away in 2020 but clearly is not forgotten.

A similar ofrenda has been set up in the lobby of Cristo Rey St. Viator in North Las Vegas, where members of Campus Ministry invite students and faculty to bring photos of loved ones who have passed away, in order to celebrate their lives.

More displays are expected to pop up at Viator House of Hospitality and Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep in Waukegan, IL.

“The Día De Los Muertos tradition reminds us to honor those who have passed on,” says Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, Executive Director of Viator House of Hospitality. “May we all honor our lost loved-ones, especially by living their best qualities in our lives.”

An extension of this faith tradition will be part of of the annual Alumni Memorial Mass on Nov. 6 at Saint Viator High School, when framed photos of loved ones — in front of the altar — are displayed.

“The invincible spirit of your loved one is still alive,” Fr. Dan Hall said when presiding at the livestreamed Mass in 2020. “And that is why we gather. To remember, is to bring to life again.”