A pair of Viatorian institutions — who share the same patron saint — collaborated last week to accompany sophomores at Cristo Rey St. Viator on their annual retreat.

Students reflect on St. Viator’s murals of the saints.

The campus of St. Viator Catholic Community, in downtown Las Vegas, is the first parish established by Viatorians when they arrived in Las Vegas more than 60 years ago. The church and its expansive campus offered sophomores a chance to reflect on their school’s core values in a whole new setting.

Have faith, work hard, respect all and be a service leader. Those four pillars drive the entire school community and at the retreat, sophomores deepened their resolve in living them out.

Cristo Rey sophomores with their patron saint.

Ms. Cristina Medina, the school’s student life director, organized the day. In doing so, she reached out to local youth ministry directors to help offer prayer workshops during the day, including Associate Rosy Hartz, youth ministry director at St. Viator.

“It was great to work with just sophomores,” Rosy said afterwards. “It was so much fun.”

Fr. Thomas von Behren distributes communion during Mass.

Student leaders also gave testimonials during the day and it concluded with Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV, President, offering Mass in the church. The liturgy was intimate, with sophomores joining him around the altar for the consecration.

Fr. von Behren and the Viatorians opened Cristo Rey St. Viator in 2019. In August, they will welcome the incoming freshman class, thus realizing their dream of having all four classes (freshman – senior) enrolled in the first four years of the school’s history.

Through their growth, the school has remained committed to its mission of educating young people of limited economic means to become men and women of faith, purpose and service.